MAD DOG`S PACT is the next Zetly Partner!

MAD DOG`S PACT, a national powerhouse in the most popular online game, Counter Strike: Global
Offensive joins the Zetly platform. Thanks to this cooperation, the organization will be able to take
an active part in creating a coherent ecosystem for all e-sports fans in Poland. There are also plans
to issue their own utility tokens.

As part of participation in the Zetly platform, PACT will receive the opportunity to issue their own
collectible cards in the format of NFT tokens in the future. In this way, it will be able to immortalize
the organization’s greatest successes in CS:GO tournaments, or the most impressive actions from the
most important competitions. The funds raised from the sale of tokens will provide an additional
source of revenue for the organization, which can be used for its development.

“MAD DOG`S PACT are true tycoons when it comes to the Polish Counter Strike: Global Offensive
scene – we are very pleased to welcome them to the rapidly growing group of Zetly Partners. The
benefits of our cooperation will be mutual – our platform gains a strong, recognizable brand in the
Polish e-sports community. For PACT, on the other hand, participation in our project means a whole
range of new opportunities – by issuing its own tokens, the organization will strengthen its contact
with its fans and will be able to reward them for their involvement. It will also strengthen its image
as one of the leaders in Polish e-sports, thinking ahead and following new, important trends. We
believe that our cooperation will bring communities of video game fans enthusiasts and fans of
traditional sports even closer together”, comments Michał Glijer, CEO of Zetly.

Together with Zetly, we are just taking the first step together into the cyber world of unlimited
possibilities. This move has already been made – or is currently being made – by other major global esports organizations, such as G2. This world is friendly to younger generations, including video game
fans. Moreover, virtual assets or products are nothing new here. Skins, stickers, unique products are
an inseparable part of this ecosystem, including CS:GO. It is also important to us that Zetly is our
national, home-grown entity,

adds Marcin Kurzawski, CEO and owner of MAD DOGS PACT. MAD DOGS PACT is a Polish e-sports organization founded in March 2017. In 2018, it signed Dawid “lunAtic” Cieślak as its new captain leading the Counter Strike Global Offensive division. Since then, together with Dawid on board, they have broken through to the national top, claiming three trophies and one silver medal of the PGE Master Division of the Polish E-sport League. PACT has also made its presence known by competing in international events – in 2019, it won the Lantrek tournament held in Finland. Currently, PACT’s ranks include players from the CS:GO, Simracing and Rainbow Six Siege arenas.

Zetly OÜ is a Polish-Estonian limited liability company that uses blockchain technology to create a
personalized, multi-tiered sports app platform. Zetly creates a unique ecosystem and marketplace
for offering club tokens, NFTs, sports memorabilia and a decentralized digital wallet in one place.
With this platform, clubs can issue their tokens, all users can create their own NFTs, athletes can
organize crowdfunding campaigns, and federations and clubs are able to issue unique sets of digital

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